Yokohama, Kanagawa
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What is TED

TED is a non-profit organization, that was founded in California in 1984, with the idea of creating a space to spread valuable idease, that is to say “ideas worth spreading. The conference is held once a year, in its hometown of California where approximatley 70 people, from different disciplines, including, scientists, philosophers, musicians, business and religious leaders, among others. TED, that stands for Technology, Entretainment and Design, has converged to cover almost all topics, in more that 100 languages, whilist making it available for people all over the world through videos available on TED website.

What is TEDx

TEDx is an event that has been stablished in many parts of the world under the spirit of TED talks, that is, to spread “ideas worth spreading”, and is managed by each community were it is held. It is established so people from all over the world can share TED-like experiences, and engage in deep discussion at each TEDx event stimulated by both TED Talk screenings and live speakers. The x in TEDx stands for “independently organized TED event”and refers to the nature of TEDx events being fully planned and coordinated by a community, for the community, but based and guided by TED rules and spirit.

What is TEDxYNU

YEDxYNU is born as a desire of a group of Yokohama National University students to create a space within YNU where TED spirit can be upheld and ideas can be spread, discussed and born. This is the first time TEDxYNU will be held, but we hope to establish a good precedent to keep TEDxYNU a yearly event that the studens and other YNU members can look forward to. TEDxYNU is organized by international and Japanese students currently studying different disciplines in YNU.